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Monday, July 04, 2005

Magical coincidences

Well, hello again!
I'm writing this to you from an internet cafeteria on the Emerald Ireland: Ireland! It's not strictly a poem, but it is about poetry, so I thought I'd put it on here anyway.
I've spent the last couple of days here with my friend Noelene and my two babies. They were a little upset that they had to share a seat on the Ryanair flight, but they enjoyed talking to all the friendly people around us.
Noelene is one of my good friends - her son Grant is a somewhat troubled teen (there is a link to his site on my list of links!), and she decided to come with me to the home of peotry, Limerick, to recharge her creative batteries.
But the strangest coincidences have happened. I once spent a lovely weekend here with a lovely ex-boyfriend - we'll call him 'NW' - where I imparted to him the healing power of poetry. (The only reason we split up was that he is a movie maker, and he needed to devote his time to making movie magic). So I was thinking about NW and about poetry, when Noelene told me her son had been attending a mentoring programme - and her Grant's mentor was none other than dear NW! Wow, huh?
If that wasn't enough, we decided to search for NW - and it turned out he has internet log as well, AND THERE'S A LINK TO MY POETRY SITE ON IT! Double wow!
Missy and Herman were very impressed.
After all of these magical coincidences, I can feel my poetry chakra really going into overdrive. Phew! Let's get creative!

LoL (lots of love)

Leeanne x

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Herman and Missy Show!

Herman and Missy put on a show
Missy was Juliet, and Herman was Romeo!
They danced and they pranced and they wore pretty clothes
And when Mummy took photos they both did a pose

Herman said: "Mummy, I have something to ask -
"Why do some people pretend to love you, and then leave very fast?"
Mummy said: "Herman, I really don't know the answer
"Maybe they prefer the company of exotic slut dancers"

Then Herman hugged Mummy and gave her a kiss
And he said: "I won't leave you, and that's a promise
"I will stay with you, and I will punish bad men
"I will burn all their clothes and take a big marker pen

"I will write on their cars, in very big letters

LoL (lots of love)
Leeanne x

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

For the Love of Dogs

Here’s one of my early poems – I look back on it now and think "what was I thinking!?#?" but I want to show everyone that you’ve got to start somewhere.
I know, I know – it's not very subtle, but it was a tough time for me back then, and if it wasn’t for my two darlings, Missy and Herman, and for writing, it would have been really hard for me to get through all that.

For the Love of Dogs

I’ve spent years gnawing at your bone.
Yet here I am.

My life has turned into one big
Game of fetch

And so
I return to your doghouse.
Where I walk around and around
But never settling.

There’s no use trying
I feel like crying
Inside I’m dying

I am off your leash
with no hint of shmacko.


And that's it!

LoL (Lots of Love)

Leeanne x.

Missy's Itch

Poor little Missy had an itchy itch behind her ear
I said "Poor little Missy, won't you come to Mummy dear?
"I'll treat you good, and treat you nice
"And use some cream for doggy lice."
Missy's pretty little tail was flipping and flapping in the sunshine
As she ran to me and jumped up and sat in this lap of mine
I applied the treatment to make her feel so good and goofy
So she could run around and play and be a little woofy.
And as I finished up and said "There you go, my sweet"
She turned her face towards me, and then began to speak.
Missy said: "Oh thank you thank you Mummy, for fixing my itchy ear
"I don't think I could have done it if you were not here
"I promise now I will protect you just as long as I'm around
"And if I see your ex-husband I will bite his face and his balls and leave him dying on the ground."

Leeanne x

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Hello everybody. I'm Leeanne, and this is my poetry site!
I don't have any poems to put up at the moment, but don't worry - I'll put some up soon!

LoL (Lots of Love)